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With over 30 years experience in supplying carpets to both domestic and commercial customers, Rainbow Carpets brings you the full spectrum of quality floor coverings from all the principal manufacturers. Visit our Welling showroom you will find inspirational carpets to fit every mood. Robust carpets to fit every use. Designer vinyls in a myriad of patterns and carpets that are tough but beautiful.

Plain carpet is safe,timeless and ageless.It will suit any room or decorating style .It gives you greater flexiblity with wallpaper and fabrics and is easier to build schemes around-both now and in the future.

It also opens up a room and using the same colour throughout , either upstairs or downstairs , does give a feeling of space.

Alternately, there are some beautiful ornate patterned carpets from traditional designs to small motifs and colourful stripes that will look at ease in any home.

Patterned carpets can be basis of a subltle contemporary look that has lasting appeal.


Brands we sell

carpet brands we sell

Carpet Types

Twist - This popular pile has twist yarn to give it a rougher surface which is hard-wearing and less prone to shown marks and scuffs.
Velvet - A close cut, short pile which feels smooth. Mainly used in tufted and Wilton constructions..
Saxony - A dense construction with a soft feel.
Wilton - For that something special in carpets, look no further than a Wilton carpet. Wiltons can take up to 200 hours to manufacture.
Loop - Durable construction, available in natural or berber flecked colours.
Shagpile - Luxury deep pile with a soft feel.

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